Simon asks…

July 5, 2013


Why do chicks on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook et al, think that by training in a gym for 3 hours a day, ‘clean eating’ bollocks, painting themselves orange and performing in shit competitions that no-one other than orange-coloured training chicks give a fuck about, taking steamed cabbage in a fucking container to Grill’d and taking a million photos of their overly muscular backs, think that they’re delivering some sort of self-serving benefit to fucking society?

There’s one on my Twitter who apparently ‘resolves to make the world a better place’ by posting fitness videos of her, semi-naked, working out in a gym. That might be making something better, but it’s not the world.


Sweary Bear says:

Look it it this way, Simon. Those three hours a day spent at the gym are keeping these muscular ladies occupied while sensible beings like you and me get down to the important business of writing whiny comments on a fucking blog written by a fucking bear. Sure, they might have a misguided sense of what’s important and an unhealthy obsession with their own upward-pointing arse cheeks, but as long as they’re posting photos of themselves in between workouts and cabbage farts, they’re not sucking back crystal meth and breaking into your fucking car. Meanwhile, why don’t you write an angry message to Instagram, Twitter and Facebook and ask them why they don’t make the ‘UNFOLLOW’ button more prominent to clueless knobjockeys who can’t seem to find the fucking thing.


PS. Sorry it took me so long to reply. I was busy shredding my awesome abs.

Go on then. Have a go.

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