Cam asks…

June 26, 2012

omg, there gonna force me to work for the dole, its such a total fucking, fucked up waste of time,
i left high school after completing my hsc, with no thanks to my alcoholic, lazy, bad teachers who’s only purpose, it seems was to coast through the school year , contributing as little as possible for a nicer future.
a decade later of hospitality work, in kitchens and housekeeping. i discovered that though i still love cooking and cleaning, i certainly don’t like having to do it commercially, iv also discovered that i hate dealing with the public in general, i would equate the ‘public’ as being a big, stupid, clumsy, mongrel dog that doesn’t know how it appears, or even knows when to stop eating. god-dam , mother fucking pigs, how they disgust me to the very recoils of my flesh.

now , after a year of being unemployed, i refuse to be subjected to “shit-work” mr abbott says that im to plant trees beside a highway, or maybe clean up vomit in various locations.
mr abbott, if you have managed to tear yourself away from throwing darts at refugees, and have put down your glass of poor peoples ashes and childrens tears. and now find yourself reading this, let me just say, that you can just bend on over and suck my balls, fuck you, you loanthsome peice of gobshite, when im offered work for god-dam dole, i promise that i will do all in my power to keep inside the required guidelines asked of me to retain my benefits, and that while complying with all rules within the system, i will also be bringing alot of other things to the table, like why im being treated like a slave, how will the project affect my depression , and how its affects my job hunting skills.
im a bit of a medical wonder also, whenever i find myself in a situation i dont want to be in, i get really sloppy, and careless with any work im doing, i hope i dont get “hurt”as a result, and would hate for anyone else to get injured because i wasnt paying attention . each time im made to go to these pathetic clusterings, it will be my goal to be as useless, lazy, rude, and unpleasant as possible, until they free me.
i can assure that i will make it my buisness to make life miserable to all those who dare try and tell me what do.

Sweary Bear says:

Is there an actual problem in that fucking cavalcade of wah you’ve just posted, or are you just trying to add me to the long list of people responsible for motivating you back into some semblance of productive member of society? All I can offer you is this:

1. If you don’t like the shit that spews forth from Tony Abbot, don’t fucking vote for him.

2. If you don’t like working, take a fucking number.

3. If you seek my advice about being a ravenous lamprey on the public purse while waiting around for the Magic Fucking Employment Fairy to offer you a job as Head of R&D in an orgasm factory,  you’re barking up the wrong fucking tree.


Good luck and all.

Go on then. Have a go.

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