BernardK asks…

June 26, 2012

Hey Sweary,
What tastes sweeter – a Liberal Frontbencher, or a child marxist who thinks everything is unfair, and capitalism should be unwound?

Sweary Bear says:

I tend to steer clear of Liberal frontbenchers. They may look firm and juicy from a distance, but inside they’re all empty calories and institutionalised homophobia. Joe Hockey is the obvious exception. His slow-moving bulk and thick skin make him a piece of piss to catch and provide excellent crackling. Once caught, he could easily feed a boat-load of asylum seekers for a fucking month.

Child Marxists are fine to snack on as long as they’re still children, but older morsels tend to repeat on you endlessly. Slow-cooking is not recommended, but a quick zap from Julie Bishop’s “don’t fuck with my Jesus” stare produces tantalising results.

Go on then. Have a go.

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